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Grant applications that fall into the following areas will be considered for funding. The foundation will, however, consider any grant request that would add to the educational opportunities available for Mead School District students.


  • Programs or initiatives designed to help students master state standards

  • Programs or initiatives designed to raise standards of achievement for students in all subjects required for graduation from high school and supportive of admission to post-secondary education

  • Programs or activities that support instruction in the core curriculum areas


In considering grant proposals, the foundation requires that grant applications meet the following expectations:


  • The program must demonstrate a clear connection with Washington State Essential Academic Learning Requirements and/or the Mead School District Board/Superintendent adopted goals and school improvement plans

  • The program must demonstrate how the program will raise standards for students

  • The program can be applied or used by other teachers and includes information dissemination provisions

  • The program is applicable to an entire grade level or school site

  • The program idea serves as the seed for innovative ideas with broad application

  • Program expenditures must be supplemental to the site budget

  • Program expenditures are one-time, non-continuing in nature

  • The application includes an all-inclusive and accurate list of costs

  • Added consideration is given to grants which incorporate applied technology



Past Grant Recipients

Ms. Klingback - Mt. Spokane High School
Ms. Cochran - Five Mile Prairie School
Ms. Lamberd - Evergreen Elementary
Mr. Gamon - Northwood ("PrairieWood")
Ms. Feist - Brentwood Elementary

Ms. Simone - Prairie View Elementary

Ms. Mulder - Prairie View Elementary 

Ms. Schwarz, Mountainside Elementary

Ms. Seal, Brentwood Elementary

Mr. Cirrillo, Skyline Elementary

Ms. Pippin, Creekside Elementary

Ms. Hammond, Creekside Elementary

Ms. Miller & Ms. Gaither, Shiloh & Meadowridge

Ms. Chaffins, Prairie View Elementary

Ms. Tag, Highland Middle School

"I wanted to thank you for your support of purchasing the C-pens for my LAP reading students at Prairie View. The first student that used the pens was a hard working student named A------. Both of her parents are dyslexic and she could not read at all at the beginning of 2nd grade. Ali loved that the C-pen gave her freedom to listen to grade level material when doing work in class. It gave her freedom from always having to ask her teacher or peers to help. Jump ahead, A----- is now a 5th grade student. Yesterday she took the standardized mid year MAP test for ELA. Guess what??? For the first time in her life she scored at grade level standards for reading. She(and her family) could not be more proud. Each little part of Ali's team came together for an amazing result. You were a little part of A-----'s team...thank you!!"

Ms. Mulder, February 2018




1. Download Grant Submission Form from link above in the red "Forms" banner

2. Copy and paste into your email

3. Provide as much pertinent information as possible 

4. Email to

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