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Accountant at Work


One of the ways that Mead Education Foundation can provide funds for your school is through the “Principal’s Checkbook”. There is no actual “checkbook” for you to use, but simply, access to monies for the purpose of providing help to disadvantaged students. Each school is allocated up to $400 per school year.


The Foundation allows you a wide level of discretion to spend your “checkbook” funds to help your students in need. For example, students in your school may need school supplies, backpacks, activity fees (e.g. art, band, athletic, debate, field trips, leadership camp, graduation), musical instrument rentals, emergency medical care, bus fare, cap & gown costs or even a pair of shoes.


However, no family-related bills (rent, utilities, insurance, etc.) are eligible for funding through this program. All you need to do is approve the request for an expenditure, submit the form with the receipt attached, send it to MEF mailbox at the District Office, and wait for a reimbursement check.


  • The attached form is to be filled out by the Principal to clarify expenditures and request payment from the Foundation. This form allows you to list and summarize your expenditures, keep track of your balance, and give the foundation clear instructions about who to pay and where to send the check.

  • Please be sure to sign this reimbursement request as the Foundation requires Principal approval before reimbursement checks are sent out.

  • Checks can be made out to a teacher or any entity, i.e. ASB, Leadership Camp, etc. All payment checks will be returned to the Principal for distribution.

  • Send reimbursement requests via district mail to the Mead Education Foundation.

  • Please be sure to keep copies of each summary sheet and the receipts, for your records.

Young Accountant
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